Top Betting Websites For Sports & Esports Betting

Best betting websites (overview):

Best betting websites are the ones who welcome your winning streaks with open arms. And, believe it or not, that is hard to find.

In today’s video, we are going to delve deeper into the realm of online betting and explore which websites celebrate their victors. What we are looking for are the websites that have:

Quick and efficient customer support

Essentially, you want them to reply to your query in just a couple of hours. Ideally, live chat should be available for customers who have problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Highest odds

If you’re betting once a week, then this is not so important. But if you’re betting 7 days a week, then choosing a website with the highest odds will pay out big time.

Diverse deposit and withdrawal options

Some players are just not comfortable with sharing their private credit cards with an online operator. That is why we will check out websites that accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Neteller and other payment methods.

Best possible bonus options

Who doesn’t like a good bonus? The best betting website on the planet does not necessarily need to have a bonus for new players, but it’s better if they do.

Quick withdrawal processing times

When the final whistle blows and you realize you’ve just won 500€, you want your money as soon as possible. That is why is so important for a website to have a quick withdrawal processing.

Considering that these are the things that players actually need, one might think that every betting site fits into this criteria. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The majority of betting sites have (or had) a lot of flukes. Whether they have been delaying paying out their regular winners or just having bad customer support (that replies after 5 days), those websites have managed to break the trust of their customers over and over again.

However, there are betting websites out there who have done the exact opposite: they earned their trust through player care and innovation. And this is what we’ll focus on today.

Here are the top betting websites for 2017 and beyond.

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